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Watch the FIBARO system video below to learn about its features

Currently, the FIBARO system is the best building automation solution available on the market.

It offers a non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need to run meters of cables. Our miniaturised modules can be installed in any wall switch box, behind a light switch, roller blind switch, etc., and are compatible with every electrical system.
It is the only system available on the market capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire (older electrical systems).
Fibaro devices do not connect permanently to building’s infrastructure. So, if you wish to redecorate your apartment, take down some walls and change the interior design concept… Simply take out any given module from the wall and install it in a new location. Thanks to mesh network, the module will update its location and resume cooperation with remaining system components.

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Our Team

Daniel Toohey


Daniel brings over 20 years of valuable experience across all sectors of the electrical industry. Starting his career in the Southern Highlands of NSW on large high end properties followed by a move to Sydney in the year 2000. Daniel has furthermore gained valuable experience in maintenance work and site management of large commercial projects and now finding his roots again in the residential market. Daniel is the founder and driving force behind D2E.

Matt Wilson


Matt also found his roots in the residential sector of the electrical industry to then further his skills with a move to commercial work in 2010. There he worked with Daniel on large private health projects where he honed his skills as a leader in the field. Matt is our second most experienced electrician and brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and reliability to the team.

Bronte Burbury


Bronte is the new kid on the block! He commenced employment with D2E in 2016 from part time work and hasn’t looked back. Daniel has seen many apprentices come and go in his 20 plus years in the trade and quotes “Bronte has a very bright future as an electrician”. He is punctual, intelligent, hard working and an amazingly fast learner. Bronte is a very important member of the team at D2E and paths the way for the company’s future.

Naomi Toohey


The real boss! Without Naomi D2E would not exist. She carries out the hard work behind the scenes making sure everything is in order and running like a well oiled machine. Naomi comes from a successful career in retail management and looks after all accounts and bookkeeping tasks within the business and on top of all of this is studying her degree in Midwifery and is a mother to her and Dan’s two young children Eva an Isaac. “An absolute magician”.




  • D2E provides professional installation of All electrical works including Home Automation on the Northern Beaches of Sydney .
  • We are certified installers and registered resellers of Fibaro and Zwave automation on the Northern Beaches and specialise in new builds, design and construct and retrofit Home Automation .

To get in contact with us about your next project please call Daniel Toohey on 0414993318 or email


Regular Builders / Clients

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